MEET THE MITTENAUTS – A Michigan-grown 4 piece indie folk band based out of Kalamazoo. Whether commenting on the current political landscape, or delving into love and loss, their songs take listeners on a harmonic voyage filled with twists and turns. All members of the band contribute to their original repertoire of tunes, as well as lend their voices to lilting harmonies that uplift the spirits of their fans.


JARED VOLZ – Exemplifying his diverse musical talents, Jared wows fans with his skills on guitar, bass, piano, percussion, and even ukulele!  His voice can be gentle one moment and powerful the next, but never lacks conviction.


MATT YOUNG – With inventive drum beats and creative use of percussion instruments, Matt has fans tapping their feet and shaking their hips.  His diverse musical background allows him to move the songs and the audience.


RACHEL HITOW – Audience members often wonder how such a big voice can come from someone so small.  Whether taking the lead or supporting her band mates with alluring harmonies, Rachel has fans singing along. :: Band Website Design Builder